About us

  Tianchang Huabo Experimental Instrument Factory(formerly Tianchang Changcheng Glass Instrument Factory)is located in Tianchang City,the Pearl of the East Yangtze River.East of Yangzhou and Nanjing border.The factory is a professional manufacturer of high quality and complex glass instruments in China.It has 18 years of production experience and has influence in the glass instrument industry in China and surrounding areas.The factory has the ability to imitation of imported products.Quality and appearance,spare no expense to buy 2 sets of German B2B automatic glass machine tools,high-paying senior engineers,these technical talents,non-standard mold design and development capabilities,manufacturing process innovation,machine tool operation skills and foreign processing The concept,in addition to our glass selection and thickness,cleaning,packaging,some details are also very demanding.Due to quality clearance and service in place,we have been OEM for domestic glass instrument manufacturers,and we have produced a large number of high-quality glass instruments for foreign customers.

  The current corporate characteristics are as follows:

  1:The production is mainly based on the combination of lamp workers and glass lathes,thus solving the difficulties of large-capacity,large-diameter glass processing and the production of glass products.It is a complete set of high-precision and sharp-glass instruments for various scientific research units.

  2:In the use of raw materials,there are two kinds of excellent quartz glass and high borosilicate glass.The linear expansion coefficient of high borosilicate glass is a=33*10-7/c.mm,which is a good physical and chemical resistance.

  Glass,and with the world's top glass"Plexus"tracked,quartz glass due to temperature resistance of up to 1200 degrees,widely used in special industries.

  3:Development and production of high-precision,high-precision glass instruments.

  4:Production of special instruments and CP installation.(normal production)

  5:Processing of large and complex plexiglass products.

  6:PTFE excellent material processing parts,containers,gas joints.

  7:Complete sets of equipment and equipment.Production and development of glass distiller and stainless steel distiller!

  8:The whole series of Aussie gas analyzers,Roche foam meter series,perforation extractor series,vacuum instrument series,environmental protection instrument series,cement instrument series,etc.

  9:Production and development of glass+PTFE products,glass+aluminum products,glass+stainless steel products,glass+wood products.

  10:Agent manufacturers'products:electronic balances,instruments,laboratory equipment,rubber products,PTFE products.

  Our promise:to keep credibility,contract,to high-quality,high-performance glass products and perfect after-sales service dedicated to the laboratory services of various industries.