Chemical reagents and fine chemicals



  Fine chemicals refer to chemical products with high processing precision,high-purity production,high purity and low production volume,such as reagents,medicines,spices,synthetic dyes,etc.But this statement is more general.With the development of fine chemicals,people need more specific and clear definitions.Combining the opinions of various people,we can say that fine chemicals are chemical products with the following characteristics:(1)There are many varieties,and the replacement is fast.(2)The output is small,and most of them are produced in batch mode.(3)has certain functionality.The so-called functionality refers to the fact that the molecules of a chemical produce certain functions or effects through physical,chemical and biological effects.For example,ultraviolet absorbers,photosensitive materials,plasticizers and other various additives are fine chemicals that are functionally functional;antioxidants,fuel additives,etc.,are fine chemicals that are chemically active or capable.(4)Mostly hybrid products,formula and other technologies determine product performance and are sold under the trade name.(5)High technology intensity requires continuous research on technology development and application technology of new products.(6)The investment in equipment is small and the added value is high.

  Chemical reagents for short reagents.It is a class of fine chemicals with a variety of standard purities for teaching,scientific research,analytical testing,and as a pure and ultra-pure functional material and raw material for some emerging industries.

  The industry that produces fine chemicals is known as the fine chemical industry.The fine chemical industry was developed on the basis of the chemical reagent industry.Therefore,well-known reagent companies(factories)at home and abroad usually concurrently operate other fine chemicals,and their output value often exceeds the output value of chemical reagents.The list of reagents published by reagent manufacturers is often also a catalog of fine chemicals.