Tianchang City Great Wall Glass Instrument Factory has mass-produced formaldehyde content extractor



  Formaldehyde perforation extractor is based on the"Code for the Control of Indoor Environmental Pollution of Civil Building Engineering"(GB50325-2001)-"Testing Methods for Physical and Chemical Properties of Artificial Panels and Finished Panels"(GB/T17657-1999)An inspection device produced by the requirement of a release amount perforation method.Meet and exceed the requirements of the above standards

  The perforation extractor consists of four sections.

  1,1000 mL round bottom flask with standard grinding was used to heat the test piece and solvent for liquid-solid extraction.

  2,the extraction tube,with a side tube(including asbestos rope)and a small siphon,placed in the middle of the perforator for liquid-liquid perforation extraction.

  3.The condensing tube is connected to the extraction tube through a large joint to promote the liquefaction and reflux of the formaldehyde-toluene gas.

  4,liquid sealing device is to prevent the escape of formaldehyde gas and siphon device,including 90°elbow,small straight tube anti-siphon ball and conical flask

  Other supporting instruments

  The sleeve thermostat is suitable for heating a 1000 mL round bottom flask with a power of 300 W and an adjustable temperature range of 50-200°C.

  Electric blower box,temperature controller sensitivity±1°C,the maximum temperature is 300°C

  Method for determining formaldehyde emission by perforation extraction method for medium density fiberboard,high density fiberboard,particleboard,oriented strand board,etc.