Jiangsu one scientific research institute experimental glass instrument customization


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  Glass instruments are called glass instruments.Glass instruments are used extensively in laboratories because of their high chemical stability,thermal stability,good transparency,mechanical strength and good insulation properties.Glass instruments made with the excellent properties of glass are widely used in various laboratories such as chemical laboratories,medical laboratory,biological laboratory,scientific research laboratory and teaching laboratory.The chemical stability of the glass is good,but it is not immune to erosion,but the degree of erosion is in accordance with certain standards.The analysis of ions to be detected in the solution of trace ions in the solution and in the adsorption solution on the surface of the glass due to the erosion of the glass is a problem to be noted in the microanalysis.Hydrofluoric acid strongly corrodes the glass,so experiments with hydrofluoric acid cannot be performed using a glass instrument.The lye,especially the concentrated or hot lye team glass,is clearly corroded.A glass instrument that stores lye can also cause the grinding to stick together and cannot be opened if it is a grinding device.Therefore,the glass container cannot store the alkali liquor for a long time.